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Daily Archives: February 25th, 2013

Day 65

More Sunrise! Across the Missouri River again, towards Giant Springs, Rainbow Dam and Falls, and the Railroad Trestle. (1/2000s f/5.6 ISO500 50mm -1.5 stops Canon 7D) Here it comes…almost… (1/1000s f/8.0 ISO320 85mm -2 stops Canon 7) There it is! (1/350s f/22.0 ISO320 90mm -1 stop Canon 7D) (1/8000s f/16.0 ISO320 56mm -1 stop Canon […]

Day 64

More of the beautiful Sunrise: Looking across the Missouri at Giant Springs, Rainbow Dam and Falls, and the railroad trestle. (1/30s f/5.6 ISO1000 53mm -3 stops Canon 7D) A little closer view. (1/10s f/5.6 ISO1000 75mm -2 stops Canon 7D) And the forest North of the Rainbow Dam Road. (1/20s f/5.6 ISO1000 85mm -2.5 stops […]

Day 63

Of course, after an early morning Moonset, there is a Sunrise coming.  I took this from Rainbow Dam Road, up behind Black Eagle.  It is Malmstrom AFB and the East End of Great Falls, looking over the Highwood Mountains. (Click to enlarge; BACK to return!) (1/2s f/5.6 ISO1000 28mm -1.5 stops Canon 7D single photo […]

Day 62

I took the Dailylife Wife to work so I could have the car one morning.  There was a nice, almost full Moon out, so I ran down to take it’s photo as it set behind the refinery.  You can see the wavy atmosphere I was shooting through by looking at the smokestack silhouetted by the […]