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Day 94

The new trailer is short on counter top for prepping/cooking, particularly when you need the sink and don’t have the sink cover in, like in this photo.  I built an extension to the left, over the drawers holding the silverware and such.

If you look closely there is an issue (not the leg: I followed the Dailylife Grandpop’s carpentry advice to the letter!  “Cut if off twice and it is still too short!”).  No, the board I used was a plastic 1/2″ thick plastic cutting board from Walmart.

You can’t hardly bend it even a little…but gravity sure did!  It drooped from front to back, and it drooped on both sides of the table leg.

So I plan to replace the white board with some butcher block, and the leg with something nicer.  To be fair, the leg was only expedient, and not what I had planned to leave on it.

The extension lifts up out of the brackets above the drawers, and the hinge on the leg is folding.  That allows us to put it away when not needed.  The drooping is noticeable here.

I did leave the brackets on the counter down a bit, so I can use a thicker board, and we will still be able to see the blue accent lights under the edge of the counter, above the brackets.

~Curtis in /-\rizona! {!-{>

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