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Day 158, June 7th


The first thing to see when you approach Ketchikan is the US Coast Guard, including a ship big enough for a permanently emplaced deck gun.

The Dorothea, an interesting look vessel.

Ketchikan Harbor and the Dailylife Wife!

A three photo panorama of the Ketchikan Cruise Ship dock and all of the diamond merchants across the street. The dock is straight, BTW…

Pulling in the stern.

The arrival of the Celebrity Millennium.  The Dailylife Sister-In-Law was on it last week!

What happens when you try to order fried eggs with your Swedish pancakes…

Looking out of the Lido Cafe over the stern deck at the Celebrity Millennium.

The stern of the Celebrity Millennium…so big I had to make a two photo vertical panorama! A bit bigger than the MS Amsterdam.

A great find in the Ships’sLibrary. I hope the next issue arrives soon!

A quick view of our route so far.

As we left Ketchikan, the route seemed to be lined with BaldEagles!


(Actually this two photos are of the same tree…)

This photo has for or five eagles…one hitting the water on the lower left, on on the short near the marker tower and two visible on top of the mark.  There was actually another one there that was shy.

A bird…

Up the Inside Passage as Night falls.

~Curtis, steaming out of Ketchikan! {!-{>

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