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Day 255

More Nevada City!

These are two panoramas from the Livery Stable where they keep lots of various wagons.  I used the same two photos to make both panoramas, but for the first one I had to manually line up the post and beams just to the left of the water barrel near the middle.  In addition to the angled beam that is straighten realize, the railing behind the the first position the right doesn’t line up.

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In the second one I lined up the rear post and the railing that didn’t line up in the photo above.  My copy of PS Elements, which is getting a bit old, could not stitch the panorama together on its own.  I had to line the two photos up for it, then it did the magic part and smoothed it all out.


This second one is a lot nicer.  Other than the angled beam…

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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