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Daily Archives: October 13th, 2013

Day 285

Pulling into the Frontierland Station, we stop by the water tower. While not being used as anything but set decoration now, the water tower is the location of…the water! Yes, this is a real steam engine and needs real water to run.  Try explaining that to s five year old on a train! Of course, […]

Day 284

Meanwhile, back on the Railroad…we entered the tunnel to see a diorama of the Grand Canyon (not closed for the Government Shutdown!) This is the World’s Longest handpainted diorama, or something like that, and is original to the opening of Disneyland! There are lots of Grand Canyon type animals, here, the only actual taxidermied critters […]

Day 283

Three Disney Maps. 1962 1976 2013 You can click on all of them to enlarge them, then BACK to return! ~Curtis in /\/\onTana!

Day 282

Back to Lugnut and the Railroad shortly. This is where we stayed, the Anaheim Residence Inn Maingate, or something like that.  It was within walking distance to Disneyland, but since all you do there is walk anyway, we got bus passes.  It was sure nice, once you have dragged yourself back to the Disney Gate […]