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Daily Archives: October 29th, 2011

Day 305: Autumn Color at Giant Springs

(1/60, f11, 132mm, ISO 200, -1/2 stop) (1/125, f8, 135mm, ISO 200, -1/2 stop) (1/20, f16, 128mm, ISO 200p) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 304

Lugnut weighs in on the Ice Cream! “Pretty good ice cream…” (Apple iPod) “I give it a thumbs up!” “No, wait.  They did run out of ice cream.  That seems like poor planning on the part of the Management, so I better reconsider my score.  This Just-In-Time-Supply idea just isn’t working as well as it […]

Day 303

Toots and the Candid Camera Ice Cream! “MMMmmm!” (Apple iPod) “Just shovel it in like this…” “Oh so good!” *”Uh oh…it’s the…” “PAPA-rattzi!” *** ~Curtis in /\/\ontana! {!-{>