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Daily Archives: October 3rd, 2011

Day 280

The First Quarter Moon tonight.  It was windy, so I had to keep my shutter speed high, so my ISO had to be high, which can induce noise (which we used to call grain!).  As soon as I can find a calm night I will get some really good Moon shots! (1/2000, f5.6 400mm, ISO […]

Day 279: The Great Falls Photowalk pt. 4

(1/50, f16, 53mm, ISO 200) Another version of the photo above. (1/100, f8, 47mm, ISO 200) (1/125, f8, 44mm, ISO 200) (1/200, f8, 95mm, ISO 200) (1/250, f8, 70mm, ISO 200) ~Curtis, Photo Walkin’ in /\/\onTana! {!-{>