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Day 280

The First Quarter Moon tonight.  It was windy, so I had to keep my shutter speed high, so my ISO had to be high, which can induce noise (which we used to call grain!).  As soon as I can find a calm night I will get some really good Moon shots!

(1/2000, f5.6 400mm, ISO 800)

This was a weird night.  On the way back from out in the country where I shot this photo, a big owl swooped down in front of my car and started to land on the highway…right in front of me!  I swerved, and heard his wingtips hit my car passenger door.  I slowed and stopped beside the highway and saw a couple of cars swerving where I had encountered Mr. Owl.  I turned around and drove back, and there he was sitting in the middle of the lane, apparently dazed by my car door.  (I think landing in front of my moving car was a pretty ditzy thing to do, too!)  There was traffic so I couldn’t stop, but I pulled over a bit ahead and flashed my lights at the oncoming traffic.  They didn’t seem to be swerving at all, so at the end of the string I turned around and he was gone.  I presume he flew off; there was no bloody smear on the pavement.  I had hoped to get his photo, but it was not to be.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>