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Daily Archives: November 5th, 2010

Day 309

More Fall color from the University of Montana! (1/2000, f5.6, 135mm, ISO 250, -1 stop) (1/180, f8, 122mm, ISO 250, -1/2 stop) These next three are all from the same photo. (1/180, f8, 70mm, ISO 250, -1/2 stop) The ones above and below, as are most photos here, are set up for use as wallpaper! […]

Day 308

No wondering where the Fall colors are this year; They are in Missoula on the U of M Campus! (1/750, F5.6, 135mm, ISO 125, -1/2 STOP) (1/500, f8, 135mm, ISO 125, -1/2 stop) These next two are from the same photo. (1/750, f8, 132mm, ISO 125, -1/2 stop) These nest two are also from the […]