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Daily Archives: November 1st, 2010

Day 298

Then it was back into the desert…well, a run up the Interstate into Wyoming, then a turn north towards Yellowstone… I always have my riding buddy along…come to think of it, he is a bit hard to find when I ride at night or in the rain.  Darned fair weather riders! The first view of […]

Day 297: The Heber Creeper!

In Heber, Utah, is a small tourist train called the Heber Valley Railroad, or the Heber Creeper for short.  It runs down and around a big lake to a well known park, then, after lunch, it returns.  I road it once years ago, and I posted a little about it on The Great 1998 Goldwing […]

Day 296: Helper to Heber…

After leaving Helper I ran up the road, and turned right at this old coal/cement/something-or-other plant. Then it is back into the desert and up the hill again! Then out of the desert and up into the trees… “On Top ‘O the World Again, Ma!”  Whew! Then down through the forest! Down into the desert! […]