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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Day 299

There have been a lot of magpies this year; they seem to be everywhere, except when I have my camera.  Well, today, I caught one unaware!  Of course, these photos are cathartic: being a federally protected song (?) bird you aren’t allowed to shoot them, except with a camera.  These are at 100% size-wise; just […]

Day 298, a quick change of topic…

I saw a couple of coots today…I don’t know if they are old… (1/250, f8, 135mm, ISO 100, wallpaper sized) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 297 – My favorite!

This is my favorite shot from my SP4449 expedition last Saturday.  So far! Wallpaper sized, too.  Clcik on it to see it full sized! (1/400, f6.3, 130mm, ISO 100) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 296 – Another SP4449 Wallpaper!

This one turned out looking much like an aged Kodachrome would after all the years since this engine ran a regular route.  Of course, that was in California, not Montana! (1/210, f2.8, 6.2mm/37mm equivalent, ISO 64, Nikon Coolpix L11, out my car window…I need to get a driver!) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 295 – SP4449 Wallpaper!

These photos are much bigger than you see here.  Be sure to click on them (twice!) to see them full sized; BACK to return here. The sun came out between Cutbank and Browning.  I picked these two out as being very nice wallpapers! (1/800, f6.3, 17mm, ISO 100) I thought this one turned out rather […]

Day 294 and a half…

I came up with this animation of the train steaming oiff into the distance.  It is a little rough, but the viudeo I took with the Nikon Coolpix is 26-50 megabytes in size!  You may have to click on it to get it to start. ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 294 – SP4449 Second Stop!

Cutting across the prairie! (1/200, f6.3, 28mm, ISO 200) Here she comes! (1/800, f6.3, 105mm, ISO 200) Heading for the Cut Bank trestle… (1/400, f6.3, 75mm, ISO 200) (1/800, f6.3, 28mm, ISO 200) (1/500, f6.3, 90mm, ISO 200) (1/640, f6.3, 109mm, ISO 200) (1/640, f6.3, 135mm, ISO 200) ~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

Day 293 – More of the SP4449!

I stopped along the Highline (US Highway 2 runs across the top of Montana and we call it the Highline) three times between Shelby and Browning to shoot photos of SP4449.  It was nice to hear about it ahead of time for once, rather than after the fact! Coming into Shelby for a short stop. […]

Day 292, something completely different!

The steam engine SP4449 returning to Oregon  from a Train Festival, approaching the Rockies.  This is near Browning and Glacier National Park. “SP 4449 was built in 1941 as a GS-4 “Northern” type locomotive. A 4-8-4 wheel arrangement, she is 110′ long, 10′ wide and 16′ tall. The locomotive and tender weighs 433 tons, and […]

Day 291 – A little more night work…

From the hills above Missoula tonight…be sure to click once or twice to enlarge the photos; BACK to return… (25 seconds, f5.6, 17mm, ISO 800) (25 seconds, f5.6, 17mm, ISO 800) (30 seconds, f5.6, 22mm, ISO 1600) A luck shooting star; I didn’t see this until I got back to the computer!  There is at […]