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Daily Archives: October 2nd, 2009

Day 276, more from the sunrise!

A few more photos from yesterday’s sunrise tour; these are down by Giant Springs and the Missouri River. All of these, other than the panorama at the end, are wallpaper sized.  I took these with my exposure compensation set to minus 2, rather than the minus 1/3 I usually have it set to.  I corrected […]

Day 275, another beautiful sunrise!

I got up eartly and when up behind Centerville. The usual beautiful panorama. (Click a couple of times to enlarge; BACK to return!) The following photos are wallpaper sized! (1/400, f16, 80mm, ISO 200) (1/160, f16, 105mm, ISO 200) These are not known as the smartest of birds…they do have a hunting season as I […]