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Category Archives: Crater Lake 2015

Day 282: The Last Day!

I forgot to get a photo of my hotel in Red Lodge…a nice old place, but a bit pricy.  The owner told me Beartooth Pass had had snow Thursday night and they thought it was closed for the season.  I am glad it wasn’t! After determining the GPS was leading me 40 miles out of […]

Day 280: It is all downhill from here…

Now we get back into some really impressive roadbuilding. Just a couple thousand feet down from the top is a nice rest area. Lots of scenic views from here! *** And one of a loop of the road above! This is where the rest area is.  The pink line is the road ahead.  A few years ago […]

Day 279: Over the Pass!

So you’d think it is all downhill from Beartooth Pass, right?  You’d be wrong!  The road winds around quite a bit, up there near 11,000 feet… About all of that snow: my hotelier in Red Lodge told me there was a foot that fell up here on Thursday.  They thought the Pass was closed for […]

Day 278: Up! And Away!

More curves and another lake! A quick look back at the last lake while still going up! More up ahead. The road loops around a bit ahead of me.   Can you see all the switchbacks? This will help!  Motorcycle Heaven! Now there are some curves! Looking back again.  I seem to have gone up […]

Day 277: UP! UP!

(Holy Catfish!  I am three weeks behind!) Once out of Cooke City I start up the Beartooth Highway.  There is a road that goes down this valley, over Stoney Indian Pass and ends up in Cody, WY.  Dad and I did it in the mud and rain back in 1987 when we went to the […]

Day 276: The Rest of Yellowstone!

On this trip, anyway. Riding North from Canyon Village the first thing I did was ride up Dunraven Pass (8859 feet) into the snow.  This did, however,get me out of the Caldera.  It was about 50 miles by road from one side to the other.  That is one BIG volcano! Coming down the north side of […]

Day 275: On to Canyon Village!

Soon after leaving the Lake area there was wildlife:  Buffalo (or Bison to the persnickety). These were before reaching the Hayden Valley, which has a lot of open grasslands to see wildlife in.  When there is any.  Which there wasn’t.  Just these. This is the Mud Volcano.  Very interesting.  Very smelly.  And very crowded, despite […]

Day 274: Yellowstone! Lunch break!

Well, it isn’t Crater Lake, but Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are still pretty awesome on their own… This is the Lewis River, on the south side of Yellowstone.  There are few, if any, guardrails along this narrow, winding road.  It makes it interesting when there is a fifth wheel trailer half the size of […]

Day 273: The Grand Tetons!

After the fog lifted I headed north.  Without the fog the Grand Tetons were out in force! The trees had started to change, also. A few more miles and I reached the entrance station to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  To cross through these two parks, alone, on a motorcycle, is $40!!!!! But the […]

Day 272: Finding Jackson Hole

I got up well before sunrise, but still didn’t get on the road as soon as I had hope.  It was cold.  About 35F. And as I got into the valleys east of Idaho Falls, it was foggy along the river. That means cold and damp.  But pretty! A three photo panorama!  BTW, all of […]