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Day 84

I was cleaning the basement (Whaaat???) and I found an old backup hard drive. There are a lot of interesting photos on it, many of which have been previously seen here. But you get to see them again!

IN 2004 we were retrieving a lot of stuff from my Mother’s house in Trail, BC. She was terminally ill and wanted to give us back all of the crap we had given her over the years. So the Dailylife Daughter #1 had come up with her Geo Tracker 4-door hardtop and we had loaded it up! We also had Rascal with us, so we fixed him a spot on top of everything in the back, where he could stick his head up between ours in the front and see everything going on. He was happy as a clam up there, and the only thing he found better was we were running late when we hit Missoula, and having no dog food (can’t take it across the Border) we got him a double burger at McDonald’s! One happy dog!

I think this is my favorite photo of Rascal.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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