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Day 046 – The Trip Over!

The esteemed driver on the way to Seattle…

The view from below.

Mount Rainier.

Lots and lots of windmills near Ellensburg!

A couple of days later on the train.  To Gate S10.

This is an Airbus A300 (?).  Someone screwed up big time!  There is actually leg room in coach seating!

We are loading…

More loading…

Then: Only 4747km more to go!  Or about 5 1/2 hours.


It is almost as cold outside of the airplane as it is at home!


Almost there…

Whew!  5 1/2 hours later:  Maui!


There!  (Obligatory old-school black and white in Hawaii…)

And…we left the sun at the airport.  It was pouring rain by the time we got to Lahaina.  +84F, but rain.  Unlike the 2″ per hour snow at home!  Our place at the Hona Koa is nice.  It is a little dated in places, but we have a view of the ocean!  When it quits raining, anyway…

It was raining but the wall was open to the outside at the Beach Bum BBQ & Grill!

Maui Wowie pizza!

~Curtis in Hawai’i! {!-{>

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