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Day 305

A little about a veteran lens I have.  I collect Argus Cameras, and the most popular of them is the C3 “Brick”.  For a bit of fun I got an adapter for a C3 lens to put it on my digital Canon M2.  I have not researched it much, but I expect this lens is three to five years older than I am.


So on our recent two week Alaska Cruise I put it on while in Kodiak Harbor.  These first two photos been resized only.  No other editing has been done.

And here is the same ship in Black & White.

Again, I only resized it.  This last photo is a 100% crop from the original of this B&W.

No filters, no editing, no processing, and I might have taken it through a glass window from the Amsterdam’s Lido Deck!  For an incredibly simple, 60 year old lens, it holds up really, really well!

~Curtis in Alaska (a few months back…)! {!-{>

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