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Addendum to Day 310…

I was curious as to why the Whale Sharks from Day 310 were so far out of the tropics, so I emailed the Shark Research Institute, where Dailylife Daughter #2 had found the photo that looked like whale sharks…

Hi Curtis,

Our webmaster forward your request to us. The images posted on are of an ocean sunfish, *Mola


They DO look like floating heads. We've seen them in the tropics and
occasionally here off New Jersey. Can't eat them tho; their flesh is
riddled with parasites.

Best regards,
Marie Levine
Shark Research Institute

Sure enough, I looked and one of the photos could taken by me on the Amsterdam.  So they are NOT whale sharks but are a kind of Sunfish.


Pretty ugly looking, either way!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>


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