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Daily Archives: October 1st, 2015

Day 263: Golden Spike Part 1

Day dawned too early in Wells…actually, the Dawn was OK, it was just the COLD that left me in my bed!  But once I got out I had a mystery.  What the heck was this? !!!!! After pondering a bit I decided to head out into the wilds again.  20 miles down the Interstate and hang […]

Day 262

In planning this day had bothered me a bit because the road I wanted to take didn’t have gas pumps for 213 miles…not bad in a car, but a little beyond the normal range of my GoldWing.  I decided I could do it if I kept it at 55mph.  My mileage goes way up at […]

Day 261

On the next day…it rained.  That was the good part. Because as I near Crater Lake National Park… …it started to snow.  And stick.  And I was still 1,000 feet below the rim. I stopped at the entrance at the Gift Shop. Even if I had gone on you could not see Crater Lake through […]

Day 260

(To see the previous day of the trip, scroll down to page 257, below.) This is my second day on the Oregon Coast.  It was dull and dreary, but other than a few sprinkles it did not rain on me. The Motel 6 I stayed at in Newport is below a very large bridge. From […]