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Daily Archives: April 17th, 2011

Day 106: Skagway part 7

Out of the final tunnel and into a world of cloud…. An interested observer: the Dailylife Wife! Snow and water… …Right of Way Storage… …rocks and cloud… Details of the train: At last!  We’re at the top of White Pass! Next:  Switching ends! Curtis in Alaska! {!-{>

How to clean…

…your lenses and digital cameras. From Nikon and Lifehacker, a video on how to clean your lenses.  So-so english subtitles; pretty good jazz background music! *** A tutorial on how to clean your digital camera, including the sensor, of the dreaded sensor dust.  It probably voids any warranty you have left on your camera, but […]

The State of Franklin

A short article about a new documentary on the State of Franklin, 1784 to 1788. Curtis in Idaho! {!-{>