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Daily Archives: December 24th, 2010

Christmas Eve Bonus!

Nothing too Christmas-ie, but a nice black and white looking towards the North East corner of Yellowstone National Park. (1/1500, f8, 95mm, ISO 200) We had a fairly peaceful Christmas Eve dinner of fondue, lefsa, tomato soup and little smokie sausages in barbecue sauce with pineapple chunks.  Well, as peaceful as can be when Lugnut […]

Day 358

A ruffled grouse from my Yellowstone National Park trip.  Taken out my car window, stopped in the middle of the road. (1/180, f8, 260mm, ISO 200 +1/2 stop) (1/250, f8, 240mm, ISO 200, +1/2 stop) (1/250, f8, 170mm, ISO 200, +1/2 stop) ~Curtis in Yellowstone! {!-{>