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The infamous Hockey Stick…


“…back in grade school, I stumbled on a passage which was the very first in any book of any kind in which I realized that the authors could let their political preconceptions alter their interpretation of their subject.  What they wrote, as I recall it very inexactly 40 years later, was to the effect that western civilization had progressed in a grand upward sweep since the time of the ancient Greeks, pausing only in the years 1952-1960 — which of course the Eisenhower administration….I had previously believed that if something was written in a book, it was authoritatively true. This little gem was so blatantly silly that you couldn’t possibly take it seriously. Books weren’t Truth, after all.  It was a defining moment in my intellectual life, something like learning the truth about Santa Claus.”

A look at the real temperatures over the last couple of thousand years.  It ain’t so warm as they say…

Please note that the category here is POLITICS not SCIENCE.  The >>science<< seems to conflict with the politically correctness.  Which one will YOU base the future of the planet on?

~Curtis in Idaho! {!-{>

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