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Day 002

As promised, a little about my new Camera, the Canon M50, I got from the Dailylife Wife fo Christmas.  It is from Canon’s first “mirrorless” camera line.  It has a crop sensor, like the 7D and my M2 mirrorless and it is very small and light.  They are currently building a full frame sensor mirrorless line, the RF cameras, introduced in 2018.  The old regular lineup was the EF lens mount, and it started in the 1980s.  Then came EF-S, the crop sensor mount, in the early 2000s?  And the EF-M mount, which is the reduced size cameras I have in the M50 and M2.  It started in 2012.

Just to make it confusing (and Canon a lot of money!) the standard lens is an EF which fits either a full frame or crop sensor body.  The EF-S only fits crop sensor bodies.  The EF-M only fits the crop sensor mirrorless bodies, but an adaptor allows us to use the EF and EF-S lenses on the M mount.  It does not work the other way.  The RF mount is a new one, and not compatible with the EF mount.  EF (not EF-S I hear) will work on an RF body with an adaptor.  There is A LOT of money being spent getting the RF line up with native mount lenses.  Now back to the M50!

My new Canon M50 with the Rokinon f2 12mm manual lens.

This one has a viewfinder, rather than just the back LCD.  This allows it to be used with telephotos a lot more easily.  It also has “focus peaking”, which shows a colored line along areas of highest contrast.  This is usually when something, or the edge of it, is in “focus”.  It is useful for those manual and vintage lenses that don’t work on the EOS AF system.Modern cameras don’t have much going on for focusing screens.  It is a lot harder to manually focus a lens on a digital body than an old film one.

As for the mirrorless part, the eyepiece/viewfinder is looking at a little computer screen that shows the same info as the LCD back screen.  There is a light sensor that switched from the back to the viewfinder when your eye blocks the ambient light.

This is going to be fun!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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