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Day 011

As previously mentioned I got a new Android Atoto A6 stereo for my F150. Thanks to my Sister-in-Law I was able to get an OBDI connector for it…Thanks Lauree!

The OBDI connection port has all of the modern things a vehicle can keep track of electronically. It is where a mechanic goes to see if something is wrong deep down inside.

On my new stereo I can set up screen to relate any of these details in real time. Mainly it is for fun, but it can be useful if you see something out of spec early on. Here I have six out of about 80 possibilities.

From Left to Right I set this screen to have the tachometer (yeah it is behind the steering wheel but this looks cool!), speedometer (via GPS I think…), coolant temperature (it has not been getting much above zero in the daytime here lately, so knowing when there will be heat behind the blower is nice!), instant miles per gallon (that is the long hand pointed straight down. It bounces around a lot. I am still not sure what the short hand point at 20 is: it sure isn’t my average MPG!), clock (because look at that tiny readout below it…), and lastly the the difference between the truck speedometer and the GPS speedometer. It hasn’t been more than 1.5 MPH difference so far!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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