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Day 323

I am transferring some files around on some old hard drives, and I found these gems: My first two GoldWings and my old GS650G Suzuki!

The one in front is my first GoldWing.  It had a broken motor mount, but ran.  It cost me $450 in 1989.

The second GoldWing I bought from the Honda Dealer when he was converting to just Harley Davidsons.  A guard dog had eaten half the seat, and there was a big cloud of dust that campout of the gas tank when I opened it.  $75.  The Dailylife Granddad and I took a couple of thousand dollars worth of parts of that bike.  Those Lester Mag Wheels on the bike in front came from the second GoldWing.  They cost $900+ new… Then I sold the frame, engine and wheels for $50…

The bike with the grey fairing is my Suzuki GS650G shaft drive bike I got when I went into the Army in 1981.  It was a nice bike but a little light for the Autobahns in Germany.  I would cruise at 80MPH+ and get passed by rucks doing 100MPH, and get blown all over my lane!

~Curtis in Nostalgic /\/\onTana! {!-{>


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