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Day 359: Part 3…

Amongst everything else, the Dailylife Wife gave me a Canon EFS 10-18mm ultra Wide Angle lens.  This is a fun, light weight little thing.  On a crop sensor camera it is the same as a 16-28mm lens on a full frame camera.  I already have a 17-40mm (on a full frame) but it is like a 27-64mm on my crop sensor Canon 7D, so this give me a full range from 10 (16!) to 300 (480mm)!!!  Plus a 400mm and a 600mm mirror.

It is a great lens: here is the backyard in a two photo panorama (it isn’t a great panorama, but shows the lens off) at 10mm.


At 18mm it takes four photos to cover the same area.


This will be a great lens for taking Milky Way and stars trail photos in the Spring!  When it warms up.  A bit.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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