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Day 314

The Crop together and the setup!

(1/20, f16, 70mm, ISO 100)

This a the whole crop.  It was not a good year for growing things at the Dailylife House!  Better luck next year, we hope.

This is my studio: the driveway!  The crop is on the cookie sheet on the trashcan on the left.  The tripod was for the camera, and the chair so I could get down to the level of the light box.  I made this light box from a cardboard box that is about 12x12x12, but any size can work.  I cut three sides out and taped in translucent paper that the Dailylife Scrapbook Queen had squirrelled away.  I left the flaps on the top of the box to help control  extraneous light.  There is a piece of white poster board inside from the upper back edge to the lower front edge.  This is not tight; it droops and provides a seamless background.  The colors of the poster board and the translucent panels can be changed for differing lighting effects.  You can also place artificial lights above and on both sides of the box to really make it look like the light is not coming from one direction.  Mine have slight shadows, since I just set the whole thing in the driveway and used the sun and ambient light as my light sources.

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I got it from the Strobist, a great how-to photography source!  This how-to at dpchallenge gives a little more information on  possibilities.

Another cheap and perhaps more durable light box idea is to get a large translucent/semi-clear storage box.  Take the lid off, set it on it’s side, put in your background and way you go!  This also gives you a place to keep everything together in the box, which is nice it you have several lights to use.

~Curtis the Gardener in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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