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Day 299: Back to the Stable!

This is outside my cabin at the Montpelier Creek KOA.  It was beside a creek, near the office and restroom/shower, and when I pulled in the night before the stars went on forever!  I forgot a shirt there. <<sigh>>

(All photos by Nikon Coolpix L11)

Then it was up the road and down the road, and Yellowstone National Park is up there somewhere…

After I gassed up in Alpine, ID, and rode past the Palisades Resevoir, I stopped to take off my vest.  Here come the cows…they were over by the barn when I stopped.  I guess cows just like motorcycle music!

I think that is either Grand Teton and/or Mount Owen.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is about 16 to 20 miles due east of here.

Then it is up Idaho 32 to US 20, a quick lunch at McD’s (only the second time this trip!) in West Yellowstone, and then on up through the canyon North of West Yellowstone on US 191.

(Note all of the bugs on that windshield…they aren’t on my teeth!)

A quick decision to run up the Interstate to Three Forks, US 287 and I15 to home…after shooting another train!

Wolf Creek Canyon came and went.

The hay is bailed at Cascade.

10th Avenue South hadn’t changed…

Home and put away.  A really good trip, and some great photo opportunities!

Look at that great tire!  It looks as good as any on a car.  Really.

I have joined the Darkside.  Where is my cookie?*

~Curtis in /\/\onTana, again! {!-{>

*The Darkside is running a car tire for a rear on a motorcycle.  Contrary to the moans and cries of masses of curmudgeons, the world did not change it’s axis, the seas did not dry up, no firey death (yet…).  It handled incredibly well, and looks like it is still new, three thousand miles later.  As Dad said, that was all they used to have for motorcycles!

So where is my cookie?

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