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Day 207: On the other side of the Union Station…

The opposite end of the Union Station has a very nice collection of locomotives and rolling stock  (railroad cars).

First is the X-26, a jet engined locomotive made in 1960.  The jet turbine (used to create electricity instead of a diesel engine) powered locomotive was able to pull 735 loaded cars…a train seven miles long!

Not only powerful, but huge, too!  What the sign below doesn’t tell you is that you had to be very careful where you stopped these things.  If you stopped with the jet turbine exhaust blowing up under a highway bridge, the heat from the exhaust would melt the pavement!  That must have been hard to explain the first time it happened…

(Click to enlarge to read it, BACK to return!)

If you get this view and the locomotive is moving, well, goodbye, you are off to that great roundhouse in the sky!

~Curtis, heading home to /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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