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Day 290

I got the Trailer effectively finished.  Trim and decoration are not my department!

I put a frame up for the butcher block counter to sit on ($199!) and used a 2×2 I bought for the purpose (the salvaged 2×2’s that were left are pretty miserable…) $3.48, as well as the section of the counter I had to cut off for length.  I used salvaged screws from the bunks, and a few screws left over from the deck I built at the first house we owned in Gff’lls: that was back from 1986 to 1989!  It was a big box of screws and it has been very handy over the interceding decades.  It is getting to where I can see the bottom of the box though…

The front is all open (the 1-1/2 ” thick butcher block is not warping anytime soon), and of course the upright veneer in front of the door that is the back of the storage compartment can be removed with four screws, leaving foot room to run a sewing machine throttle.

A panorama view from a bit lower.

With help from the Son-In_Law (Lugwrench) and Lugnut we got the butcher block installed.  It is heavy!  Tomorrow I will put a couple of screws into it to hold it in place.

It looks low, but there is actually more height for the Dailylife Wife’s knees than there is under the table she sews on now.  Also, her sewing machine sits up and she has a table around it.  Tomorrow she will take her chair into the trailer to see if there is room for it and her.  If not, we will probably have to get a stool of some kind.  If the top is too low I can always raise it up using 1x2s or 2x2s.  If I go up once I have to rout out room for the window frame.  If I go up twice we probably won’t be able to open the window because the opening lever will be in a hole.

Here is another lower panorama view.

The wires on the floor will be going into one of those floor/cord protectors.  I need to run an extension cord through that and then into the storage compartment and up through a hole to a power strip on the counter.  There is power on the inside wall on the left, and none on the outside wall behind the counter.

The Dailylife Wife will decide on cupboards and/or shelves, as well as filling in the screw holes from the bunk removal and oiling/staining the counter top..

All in all I think it turned out pretty well!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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