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Day 241

I got the Dailylife Wife a nice bunch of flowers a few days ago, before she headed back east to Nephew Paul’s pending nuptials.  It was an inexpensive bunch, and I thought the green buds might open in the heat before she left.  They did.


(1/30s f/8.0 ISO200 100mm Canon 7D)

We don’t know what they are.  The label didn’t say.  They are about an inch across and one and a half inches long or so.


(1/15s f/8.0 ISO200 100mm 7D)

I decided to play around with my nice 100mm Macro lens and my new ring flash.


(1/30s f/8.0 ISO320 100mm 7D)

Once I put the camera on a tripod things started working out much better.  Nice and clear, with a pretty good Depth Of Field (DOF).


(1/30s f/5.6 ISO125 100mm 7D)

This one is an interesting shape and texture.


(2s f/16.0 ISO125 100mm 7D)

I used some extremely small apertures (larger “f” numbers), which adds to the DOF.  This one is at f32.  Normally I stay at f8.


(3s f/32.0 ISO125 100mm 7D)

I really like the background on this one.


(3s f/32.0 ISO125 100mm 7D)

This 100mm Macro lens sure can pick up some detail!


(1s f/32.0 ISO125 100mm 7D)

Here is one stem of flowers.  I just used some foam board for a background.  If I could have moved it farther away I could have mitigated some of the shadows.


(2s f/16.0 ISO125 100mm 7D)

And here is the whole bunch.  You can see while some have opened up very nicely, other blossoms have passed their prime and are fading fast.


(1/6s f/6.7 ISO125 50mm 7D)

All in all a fun little educational type project.  Not bad flowers for $4.99, either!

Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>