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Day 123

I had to run up to Havre this morning to interview someone, and just past Big Sandy I found the Big New Sante Fe Railroad (Warren Buffet’s model railroad!) was still storing the intermodal shipping container cars.  We have had miles and miles of them around here since the economy had the downturn.  There were just over eight miles of them here.


(All photos are from the Nikon P7100, through the windshield of my car…)

Then I saw something I rarely see: locomotives on the spur tracks where these cars are stored!


Coming back I saw the locomotives had connected to some of the cars.  I really like this photo, so click on it to see full-sized.  BACK to return!


Yup.  Definitely hooked up.  Not moving though…


I kept track of the cars when I went by.  I didn’t count them.  I measured.  1.3 MILES of cars were hooked up!


Well, it isn’t like they use the track for much else anymore.

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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