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Day 89: The Great Harley Davidson Easter Egg Hunt!

There was an Easter Egg Hunt at the Harley shop this morning.  Toots and Lugnut HAD to go.

“Hmmmm…I like this blue one, or the black one, or…”Day 1308901

(All photos: Nikon P7100)

“Oh, but this yellow one is pretty neat!”

Day 1308902

“I’m just so doggone cute I shouldn’t hafta wait until the egg hunt starts…”

Day 1308903

“Time to Strategerize: I see two there, one over there, that one there…”

Day 1308904

“You know, this chocolate colored one isn’t too bad, either.”

Day 1308905

“Just Cute lil’ ol’ me in a room full of big ol’ motorcycles…”

Day 1308906

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you ride Bit….errrr, on the back, Mom!”

Day 1308907

Contest time: What does this beautiful green belong to?

Day 1308908a

Why, one of these, of course!

Day 1308908b

“Cute lil’ ol’ me doesn’t need a full dresser since I am not allowed to cross the street yet.”

Day 1308909

“Com’ ON, ma, I know I saw the right one over here somewhere…”

Happy Day Before Easter!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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