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Day 365! A whole year!

This is the last official PAD post of the year, but it looks like we will keep on going in 2010…I >>still<< have photos from Italy and Alaska to put up!

I was wondering what I might find special for this last day of the year…something with trains to finish out how I started?  Hmmm…As yesterday showed I shoot a lot of waterfowl, so I headed down to Giant Springs yet again.  It does yield some really good photos.

All of these photos today are wallpaper sized!  Click on them to enlarge them, too!

This is a Common Goldeneye.  There is also a Barrow Goldeneye (any relation?  who knows!), but I didn’t see any today.


(1/500, f8, 210mm, ISO 100)


(1/400, f8, 210mm, ISO 100)

There are some bald eagle that live along the hillside down by Rainbow Dam.  I have been trying to catch them as they soar overhead for five months or more now.  They always seem to fly off about the time I get my telephoto lens on…

…but not today!  This is an immature bald eagle…


(1/2500, f8, 220mm, ISO 400)

And this is the mature one!  They were right overhead as I got out at the lower overlook at Rainbow Dam!


(1/640, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)

So close over head, in fact , that I had to reduce these next two photos to 85% in size because his wings wouldn’t fit when I cropped the photo to wallpaper size!  All of the other photos today are just cropped, not reduced in size/resolution.


(1/500, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)


(1/500, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)


(1/500, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)


(1/500, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)


(1/640, f8, 220mm, ISO 100)

Not a bad ending to a long year in photos!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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