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Day 364: Getting near the end!

One more post after this and I will have made it a whole year, one post for at least every day!  And a few extras, too.

More waterfowl down at the river (real ones, this time!).  This first one is a quick snap as two Canadian Geese flew by.  The only processing I have done was to crop it to 1440×960 for wallpaper, and a >>minimal<< bit of sharpening.


(1/800, f8, 70mm, ISO 200)

This next one is also just cropped with minimal sharpening.  My Canon 70-300 Image Stabilized lens, as I have posted before, is incredibly sharp when dailed in correctly.  I seemed to have gotten it right today.  All the photos today are wallpaper sized.


(1/800, f8, 170mm, ISO 200)

These next four are reduced in size to between 40% and 50%, then cropped for wallpaper.  Minimal or no sharpening at all.


(1/800, f8, 130mm, ISO 200)


(1/800, f8, 200mm, ISO 200)


(1/800, f8, 110mm, ISO 200)


(1/800, f8, 200mm, ISO 200)

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>