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Day 363: Hot Shot Photog!

I went out a bit before lunch to Giant Springs State Park to see what waterfowl might be around.  Cold but not frigid, nice and sunny.  Most of the birds from near where the road runs next to the river had moved to the other shore, but I did spy a group of ducks just sitting where many usually take a break.  So I got out my trust telephoto and took a few long shots.  It was an interesting mix of breeds, but I have seen some mixed groups swimming around down here before.


(1/640, f8, 200mm, ISO 100, three photos stitched together in MS ICE)

They seemed pretty quiet.  Most groups have some diving for food, or swimming around, or an occassional take off.  Not these guys!  Ducks on Valium, I guess…Then I saw the guys in camo sneak up on the shore right by the ducks.  Man, I can’t ever get that close to…



One of the camo guys fired his shotgun right at them!  Not very sporting!  But none of them moved an inch…

That’s when it hit me: he’d fired over them.

Some hot shot wildlife photographer…<<sigh>>…

…pretty darned good decoys!

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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