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Day 307

I was wondering where all of the Canadian Geese had gone…I found them over by West Bank Park!

I like these because they show the water rolling of, well, a Goose’s back!  Errr, head!  In this first one what looks like a slab of ice is actually water bounded by the goose’s natural oils and surface tension:  Just slow water.

(1/2000, f8, 400mm, ISO 400, -1/2 stop)

I kept my ISO up at 400 to keep the shutter speed up; I was hand holding the camera and lens.

(1/1500, f8, 400mm, ISO 400, -1/2 stop)

To keep these at my standard format of 1440×960 (Wallpaper size!) I had to crop them to center the goose, shrink them to 75%, then resize the long edge to about 2000 pixels.  Then I resized the canvas (cropped it to a specific size) to 1440×960.  The image of the goose was just too big to show full sized!  That is what I get for playing closeup with a 400mm lens.  {!-{P

(I like the little sun glint in the water coming off of the beak in this one.)

(1/1500, f8, 400mm, ISO 400, -1/2 stop)

They are just as sharp full sized.  I could have just had a study of the water on the head.  And while I adjusted the highlights and shadows, and levels and contrast, I never touched the saturation Robyn!

(1/2000, f8, 400mm, ISO 400, -1/2 stop)

~Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{>

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