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Day 92: Deutschland! c. 1983

Going way back, I found this photo taken after touring Schloss Heidelberg (Castle Heidelberg).  They had us all sit for a group photo, even though we weren’t a group.  The photo has 13 June 1983 written on the back.  I am in the back row, just right of center, wearing the Sundance Saloon tee shirt.

See, here I am!

(Robyn, that elements class came in handy after all…I selected with the ellipse marquee tool, inverted, feathered to 32, and put a guassian blur on the outside, all pasted into a new graphic.  Easy as pi!)

The best thing about the Army was…free ammo!  This day at 25 meters I shot a group you could cover with the palm of your hand…pretty darned good using these Army clunker .45’s!

(Taken with an Olympus OM-1)

This was my apartment at my second assignment.  It was over a bakery…and I left everyday ten minutes before they opened!!!  You can see the three cassette decks I had, all gone now; the dbx noise reduction unit, dbx switcher and reverb box; my old turntable, gone; my receiver, gone; the TV the kids played video games on when they were little; the Pioneer Laser Disk player, also gone.  In the background you can just make out that 38 special, jimmy buffet and foreigner were on the playlist of cassettes.  The case on the right side with the red items is a disk washing system to keep LP’s (records) clean for playing, reducing the pops, clicks and dust distractions in the music.  I did not have my SAE pop and click filter yet.

I got to watch Michael Jackson’s Thriller on laser disk with this setup.  It was pretty good cranked up!

~Curtis in /\/\ontana! {!-{>